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Advanced Non Surgical Treatment

Sage Wellness is always at the cutting edge of the newest, scientifically proven treatments, Sage Wellness is proud to be Las Vegas exclusive provider of Vanquish Me, the fastest, most powerful yet comfortable, procedure for permanent fat elimination and body sculpting.

Vanquish Me is body contouring treatment, which uses energy to heat and kill fat cells in a non-invasive way with applicator hover over your body. The Vanquish is the IDEAL, nonsurgical and painless fat elimination treatments to lose your love handles, flatten your stomach, lose the back fat, and/or reshape your thighs or upper arms for men and women.

Vanquish Me is non-surgical treatment that literally melts fat permanently and contours your body painlessly, without downtime.

You may start to see improvements in your appearance just days after your first treatment session. The treatments are effective even without a strict diet or exercise regimen.

One treatment per week over the next week weeks for optimal results. The treatment is virtually painless and requires zero downtime in as little as 30 minutes at Sage Wellness Las Vegas.

It works to help men and women of all ages lose several inches.

Advanced Non Surgical Treatment

If you’re wary about opting for invasive fat removal techniques, the consultants at the Sage spa may suggest that you opt for the BTL VANQUISH ME™ body shaping system. One of the most innovative of technologies available today, the Vanquish ME can give you more shapely contours by shaving off the inches on your belly and thighs. The most interesting feature about this system is that it works without touching your skin.

The Vanquish ME fat removal technique uses radio frequency waves at specific intensities. These waves reach below the surface of the skin to target the fat cells. The Selective Radio Frequency (RF) waves heat the adipose fat cells causing them to shrink and die. Over the next few weeks, the body absorbs the cell debris and eliminates them naturally by the waste disposal system. You should be able to see results starting at 2 weeks with steady improvements over the next 2 months.

Given that the Vanquish ME patented treatments available at the Sage Wellness spa work without affecting the skin, anyone can take the procedure. You need not worry about a high Body Mass Index (BMI) since this fat reduction technique works on any circumference. You can safely get the procedure to target the abdomen, flanks or saddlebags, and inner and outer thighs. There is no pain or discomfort involved and users only talk about a sensation of warmth on the skin. This sensation may remain with you for a few hours after the session is completed.

When you arrive at the Sage Wellness spa for your treatment, you’ll spend time with the consultant to discuss your inch goals. Accordingly, a customized treatment plan will be created for you. Typically, patients need around 4 sessions timed at intervals of one week. Each session takes around 45 minutes to work on the abdomen and 30 minutes to target the thighs. However, the duration and number of sessions can be adjusted according to your specific needs.

You’ll simply lie back as the device is placed around your abdomen and spend 30 to 45 minutes relaxing. Afterward, you can go back to your regular activities without the need for any downtime. You can even stop by at the Sage spa during your lunch break and get the procedure done. The system is completely safe so you won’t need to take any precautions before or after the session.

Having taken the Vanquish ME treatments, you can rest assured that the effects are permanent. That’s because once the fat cells have been destroyed, they’re unlikely to come back again. That’s unless you have some significant medical issues or lifestyle changes that causes the weight to come back. However, to maintain the toned contours of your body, it is advisable that you adopt a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen.

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