Anal and Vaginal Bleaching

Intimate Brightening

Suffering from embarrassing dark or discolored intimate area?

Intimate bleaching allow you to create a uniform color of the vaginal/anal area, underarms, face, knees, elbows, inner thighs, bum cheeks, nipples and areola. Sage Wellness now offers a treatment that are specially designed to be safe to use in the intimate areas. More and ore women are inquiring about the latest trend so you shouldn’t feel uneasy about looking for solutions to help bolster your confidence.

We recommend 3 consecutive treatments every 14 days

It is highly recommended to remove the hair prior to treatment, an open follicle will allow for deeper product absorption to see better results

Results can be seen the same day. 1-3 shades lighter after the first professional treatment

We all want to look our best. Especially in our most Intimate areas! Call Today 702-800-7406

a girl showcasing their glowing skin after skin bleaching.

Are you Ready for an Amazing New You?

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