Radio Frequency Tightening

Radio Frequency Tightening

Radio Frequency technology that delivers controlled, Radio Frequency energy deep into the skin, without any pain or risk, reactivating the skin’s’ natural collagen production. By focusing RF energy deep within the dermis, it stimulates collagen renewal without overheating the epidermis, eliminating any potential side effects and the need for cooling. Radio Frequency proven to reduce facial wrinkles as well as tightening any body parts to include arms, stomach, legs, and love handles.
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More about Radio Frequency Tightening in Las Vegas

If you’re looking for that something extra to get the svelte contours that diets and workouts can’t provide, considering opting for radio frequency tightening treatments now available at the Sage Wellness. The best positive of this treatment is that it is entirely non-invasive. And, that means no needles, no cuts, and no sutures. Radio frequency tightening sculpting in Las Vegas is an outpatient procedure so you won’t need to take time off from work or any of your usual commitments.

Low frequency radio tightening and the cavitation they bring about form the basis of the treatment available at the Sage Wellness. Expert therapists use non-invasive probes to deliver sound vibrations to the layer of fat under the skin. Typically, they use a diagnostic device to monitor the depth to which the sound waves reach. As the vibrations hit the fat cells, they raise the temperature a little and cause bubbles within them. As a result, the outer skins of the cells collapse and break down.

The amazing feature of this procedure is that it has absolutely no effect on the your skin or the inner surrounding tissues, blood vessels, and nerves. Once the fat cells break down, they release triglycerides into the fluid present in the spaces between the cells. Here, the enzymes convert the triglycerides into free fatty acids and water soluble glycerol. The body uses up the glycerol for energy and the resultant debris are eliminated as waste.

You can get radio frequency procedures for any of the problem areas that are bothering you. Like, for instance, upper arms, inner knees, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and flanks. Talk to the consultants, sign up for the treatment, and drop by at the Sage Wellness over lunch. Depending on the inch loss you need, a typical radio frequency session takes around an hour and you may be asked to come in for follow-up sessions once a week over the next 6 weeks. As the fat cells break down and the body absorbs the debris, you’ll see a gradual toning of the flab until you get the smooth contours you’ve always dreamed of.

Radio frequency tighteningsculpting is a simple procedure that does not need anesthetics or pain relievers. Patients only talk about feeling a tingling sensation while the sound waves work on their skin. Later, they might see some amount of flushing or numbness that clears in a day or two. As the experts at the Sage Wellness will tell you, not only is radio frequency sculpting safe, it is economical also. You’ll probably spend far more on other options like conventional liposuction.

Given that radio frequency tightening is a non-invasive process, anyone can safely get the treatment. However, do keep in mind that the results from the treatment are not instant. You’ll see positive effects in the few weeks after the therapy once the fat cells start to clear away. Further, the treatment is effective only on inch loss. It is advisable that you rely on a healthy diet and exercise program to lose the pounds.

For more information about radio frequency tightening in Las Vegas, contact us at Sage Wellness and we’ll help you with more details. You can also try calling this number: (702)-800-7406.

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