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Welcome to Sage Wellness, Las Vegas. Expert’s destination for advanced dermatological treatments. Our expert team offers a wide range of services including body contouring, facial, Revive facial, non-surgical face lift, skin tightening, facials, Femlift, eyelid lift, and bleaching and other Skin and body treatments. Using state-of-the-art techniques and technology, we provide personalized care to help you achieve your desired look. Contact us today for a consultation and experience the transformative power of Sage Wellness.

Our Mission

Sage Wellness’s mission to, enhance each guest’s natural beauty while incorporating minimally-invasive, result oriented medical grade treatments that safely produces excellent, natural-looking results in harmony with your personal aesthetic and with minimal down-time.

Each guest receives individualized treatment plans performed by an entrusted and energetic team in a tranquil and inviting medical spa atmosphere where each guest is treated as a favored.

Three girls shows their natural beauty after spa signature treatment
Three girls enjoying a relaxing spa day sitting on the sofa.

Core Values

The safety, comfort, and confidentiality of our patients always come first. This includes appropriate communication and education as well as high levels of patient satisfaction.

We seek to be the best at what we do. Whether having a surgical procedure or just a facial, we assure that the provider’s goal is to give the best results possible.

We understand everyone’s needs are unique so we listen carefully to see how we can best achieve your desired objectives. We strive for long-term patient-practitioner relationships; built on trust and satisfactory results.

We strive to serve you with authenticity, deontology, professionalism and practice transparency within every aspect of our services.

We constantly re-evaluate the quality, efficiency, and excellence of our treatments and equipment to provide you with the best possible results in the most comfortable manner possible.

Sage Wellness
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