Micro-needling | A Complete Step-by-Step Introduction

A girl taking treatment of micro-needling in a medical spa


Micro-needling is a cosmetic process. It consists of treating the skin with small sterilized needles. These small wounds caused by the pricking allow the body to make more collagen and elastin, which heals your skin and makes you look better and younger as collagen protein prevents the skin from sagging and gives a youthful look.


Micro-needling helps to get rid of problems like acne, hair loss, dark spots or patches on your skin, large pores, reduced skin elasticity, scars, stretch marks, sun damage, fine lines, and wrinkles. Micro-needling can also be used for some anti-aging treatments such as sunspots and eyelid surgery.


First of all, numbing cream is applied to your face so that the needle bricks don’t hurt. After that, the person treating you will move a pen-shaped or rolling tool with needles all over your face. The needles will make tiny cuts in your skin. It will cause a little bleeding. Afterward, the doctor may spread a serum or cream onto your face.

Sometimes before getting started, the doctor can also use a topical anesthetic to lessen your chances of pain. This is usually done an hour before the treatment begins.

Time Taken:

The micro-needling procedure takes almost 10 to 20 minutes. It mainly depends on the size of the area being treated. The number of treatments mostly needed by the patients is 4 to 6. After 4 to 6 treatments, the final results can be seen evidently.

Benefits of micro-needling:

The process is simple and minimally invasive. It requires almost no downtime. It is safe for people who are in good health. The micro-needling process is not that costly as compared to other treatments like laser treatment. It works even better for people with dark skin because, unlike laser, it does not affect skin pigmentation or color at all. The recovery is pretty quick, so you can go back to work right away.

There are no side effects all risks. The most that you can get is a little irritation of the skin for a few days, which can be reduced by applying a medicine given to you by your doctor. The doctor keeps inspecting your skin for days after your treatment to make sure nothing goes wrong.

What can you expect after Micro-Needling?

Unlike normal plastic surgery, micro-needling is not that complex. So it would not affect your days after your treatment. The redness on your skin will go automatically in a few days. This is just a natural response and nothing to worry about. Some people can cover it up by makeup up and carry on with their usual tasks. After micro-needling, the skin will generate new tissue, which will give you a better and fresh look. For the maintenance of the final results of the procedure, multiple sessions can be needed, and some complimenting treatments to the doctor will suggest you with your plan that best suits your skin.

Final Thought:

micro-needling is a powerful and effective tool in modern skincare, providing a natural way to rejuvenate and improve the skin’s overall appearance. Its ability to stimulate collagen production and enhance skincare product absorption makes it a popular choice for individuals seeking non-surgical solutions to address various skin concerns. As with any cosmetic procedure, it’s crucial to consult with a qualified skincare specialist or dermatologist to determine if micro-needling is right for you. Sage Wellness is always available for your consultancy, feel free to Contact Us.

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